Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I was at the gym this morning at a mercifully civilized hour (7:30 am, which is a couple of hours later than I would go when working) sweating away on the elliptical.  Sweat seems to generate my more creative (or outlandish) thoughts. But this morning I segued pretty quickly from an endorphin high to something darn close to sentimentality. So...Warning....Sappiness ahead.  This would be a good time to click your way to another site if such a thing brings out your gag reflex.
Here's the train of thought.  I was thinking about Thanksgiving dinner, which I've been planning (menu at end of blog) and thought "this is the first time in 10 years I've had the time to enjoy holiday preparations." Perfect! I'm thankful (on Thanksgiving, get it?) for the time to plan, cook and enjoy our holiday meal.

That's when it devolved (or evolved, depending on your POV) into a more sentimental stream of consciousness.  I'm thankful for so much, it's ridiculous.  Here's a short list:
  • For my wonderful, talented children, Julie and Will who are flying down from MA and NY to be with us for Thanksgiving. It isn't easy when you're so far away, and it's only a long weekend. I'm delighted that this is as important to them as it is to me.
  • For my incredible mother, who worries way too much about me, is probably the smartest woman ever, and can move mountains. Her latest cause is Let's Go Underground, an effort to get utility lines underground. (safer, fewer outages, employment opportunities) It's grass roots thing, but she kicked it off last week with a letter to President Obama. Amazing.
  • For Bill, who makes life interesting and fun, and is my biggest cheerleader. He's the yin to my yang and he thinks I'm really smart, too, and that goes a long way!
  • For my incredibly clever brother, Lee, and funny-as-hell sister, Linda, who live too far away, but close to Mom, and for that I'm grateful too.
  • For my beautiful mother-in-law, Betty, who raised her son to be the way he is, and is as generous and caring as the day is long. (Like in Norway. In the summer)
  • For my friends, here and far away, who are so wise and supportive and fun.
  • For my former co-workers, who brought light and life (and lots of laughs) to our 8+ hours a day together.  
  • And last, but definitely not least, our cockapoo, Charlie, who is the Best Dog In The World. I have a bookmark that says "Be the person your dog thinks you are".  Unfortunately, Charlie thinks I'm a ball machine. Ha ha - he's a delight, from morn til night.

Now, sounding like the wrap-up to an Emmy acceptance speech, to any of you I've omitted in error: just know I'll realize it as I'm falling asleep one of these nights, and will feel terrible. On the other hand, I could just say I'm really thankful for all those who touch my life in such positive, affirming ways. That's a wrap.

But it always comes around to food (for which I'm so grateful!) and so I'm sharing my Thanksgiving menu. In case any of it sounds familiar, or you'd like the recipes, most are from Ina Garten in the November Good Housekeeping.

  • Appetizers of roasted cashews and Parmigiano Reggiano (so we don't get faint while cooking)
  • Roasted herbed turkey (herbs and butter are mixed together and slathered on the bird under the skin)
  • Herb & Apple Stuffing Bread Pudding
  • String Beans with Shallots
  • Potato & Yam Gratin
  • Brussels Sprouts w/ Lardons (trust me, kids, you'll love em)
  • Cranberries (of course!)

Dessert is still up in the air. Suggestions?  I'm not a great pie-person. (my crusts are always lousy, but I'm willing to try again)

What are you planning for Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for the unconditional support of my family!! I miss you all so much!! And I am making carrots and horseradish and Granny's recipe for macaroni and cheese (to name a few) for TG!

  2. That sounds so perfectly delicious. Miss you too, Jen! No dessert suggestions, eh? Maybe the 2k calories in the main meal are enough? Nah, no way.