Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Job-Free Isn't So Bad

10.  No more uncomfortable shoes. 
Today, I'll wear this little number. Tomorrow, I might wear it again!

9.    You can go to the gym whenever you want. Hell, you can go wherever, whenever. Think of the possibilities: visit the library, stroll in the park, geocache, loaf, walk your dog, walk someone else's dog, volunteer at the food bank, participate in your local OWS. The possibilities are infinite.

8.    Pffffbt! to rush hour
Where am I in this picture? NOT.

7.    Cooking is once again a pleasure
Let's whip up a turducken!

6.    No need to defer to someone just because he pays your salary

5.    Don't have to shoehorn the holiday season in between deadlines and deliverable crunches. (Put the "joy" back into Joyeux Noel!)

Forget it Ebeneezer! I'm outta here!

4.    Home time isn't just chore time. The to-do lists don't have to be completed in 2 days. You can vacuum in the morning and go for a bike ride in the afternoon or plan menus after taking the pooch to the doggie park. Go grocery shopping the next day, on your way back from the driving range. So damned civilized.

3.    Don't need to calculate remaining vacation time before planning an out-of-state family visit
Hi Mom! Coming to visit this weekend! (Caution: be sure Mom is a fan of this new-found freedom)

2.    Make-up is not a daily requirement (This is tricky. Could be a slippery slope into a more, um, natural look than is actually becoming)

1.    Every day is Saturday, but without the crowds

Sure, there are downsides. Big ones. Like, for instance, less income.  That is, as Al Gore might say, an Inconvenient Truth. And health care could be a major issue, since some lawmakers in this country believe that's a privilege, not a right. I have a few opinions on that (surprise!)  - We'll deal with that later. Right now, let's just revel in throwing off The Company shackles.


  1. I love your top 10, I'm afraid I have enjoyed forced
    unemployment tooooo much. But, I must embrace the
    future of another job for at least 7 more years.

    Enjoy...keep on blogging, you're very good. Writing
    may just have been your true destiny.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Nancy! I haven't run out of ideas yet, so I'll keep scratching away. It's more fun than I imagined, so what the heck?!

    By the way, those years will fly by. That seems to happen more frequently these days.